About the CCIMLS Data Services Directory

The Cape Cod & Islands Multiple Listing Service and Martha’s Vineyard Multiple Listing Service have vendor relationships with many of the leading technology companies in the real estate industry. These vendors provide a wide range of services to our membership including IDX, CRM, website development, back office, AVM and other products and services. CCIMLS & MVMLS have agreements in place with these vendors ensuring that they receive up-to-date, accurate data from our MLS systems via a secure connection.

Becoming a part of our Data Services Directory allows technology vendors to offer their services to CCIMLS and MVMLS members. If you are interested in accessing a CCIMLS or MVMLS data feed, click here.

CCIMLS and MVMLS members who choose to become a client of one of these vendors receive the best, most reliable and complete real estate data. This data – which is your data - is certified through the Real Estate Standards Organization through an API transmission method, the highest standard available to the industry. Making the data accurate and easy to utilize by vendors means that your experience in adopting products or services from one of these companies is streamlined from the MLS side, and will provide your clients and potential customers with easy-to-access information that is current and accurate.